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creative interactive and print design


you have seconds to engage your customer. Websites are the portal to your organization and is one your strongest sales tool. iPop creates beautiful, usable websites that not only look good, but are easy to navigate, present information clearly and are an enjoyable experience.


a problem solving process. Graphics requires substantial creativity and technical expertise. An understanding of a client's product, goals, competitors and target audience is translated into visual solutions created from utilization of shape, color, imagery and typography.


print is the building blocks for your brand. This encompasses identity design, branding and print collateral; it is the visual connection that your customers have with your brand. iPop can create content that is both visually engaging and tells the story of your organization.

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the work

“artistic sensibility, problem solving and technical skill ...”


web and mobile design

print collateral

content and copywriting

environmental design

business presentation graphics

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“design determines tone...”

Stunning graphics. Forward thinking. 24/7 driven. iPop, based in Baltimore, MD is the brainchild of Rachel Jones, a 24/7 driven, out-of-the-box freelance designer that produces results. iPop is fully committed to clients' marketing goals while maintaining a strong emphasis on creativity and originality. iPop has a diverse group of entrepreneurs, businesses and organizations.


Design determines tone, generates buzz and ultimately defines a product. iPop has the experience and know-how to brainstorm great concepts, manage the project and – make it happen. iPop 'makes it happen' by producing high impact messages and campaigns that engage, inspire and entertain.

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